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 Winners are grinners!
2023 Winter Season

26 Apr 23 - First Match
13 Sep 23 - Grand Final
Venue - GEPS Hall 7.30pm

Matches to start by 8pm
April 2023

 Premiership Table

Fan's Corner

 Week 1 winners

A- Kapunda Black

     Balls of Fury

 B- Kangaroo Flat

      Hales & Co

     Singing Donkeys

Week 2 Winners

A- Kapunda Black

    Balls of Fury

B- Hales & Co

    Gawler Tryers

    3 Musketeers

Week 3 winners

A- Balls of Fury

     Gawler East

B- Kangaroo Flat

    Just 4 Fun

    Gawler Tryers

Week 4 winners

A- Gawler East

    Balls of Fury

B- Gawler Tryers

     Singing Donkeys

Kangaroo Flat drew with  Just 4 Fun

Week 5 winners

A - Gawler West !

      Kapunda Black

B - Gawler tryers

      Singing Donkeys

      3 Musketeers

Latest News

The 2022/2023 Summer Season was strongly contested by 13 teams across 2 grades , with B grade split into 2 for the finals.  The results of the Summer Season Grand Finals were:

  A Grade - Kapunda Black def Pinsational (7-5)

  B1 Grade - Singing Donkeys def Court Short (7-5)

  B2 Grade - Hales & Co def  Just 4 Fun (10-2))

​The 2023 Winter Season will establish 3 divisions depending on the number of players and teams.  Teams of 3 or 4 will be formed depending on numbers, with a decision to be made at the AGM and matches will  follow  either the traditional Winter Season format (3 singles and 1 doubles match per player), or 3 a side will mean -3 singles & 2 doubles matches pr player, with all matches played as best of 5 games.  The minor round will comprise 17 matches, noting that the Association Tournament will be held on 21st June 2023.

Hygiene practices must be adhered to & social distancing applies at all times. 

Please do not come if you are unwell.

Table tennis has been played in Gawler & surrounding districts for more than 85 years ,

( there's a Bunyip article from 1932 ) & G&DTTA has used the Gawler East Primary School gym ( Finch Rd , Gawler East ), as its' home ground for about 25 years. In both summer & winter you will find a good selection of matches being fought out in good spirits, on Wednesday nights.

​Grades this Season


Grades  A & B

will consist of 3 player teams.

B grade will finals will be top 4 & bottom 3 teams will play off for a C trophy.

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